Viviana Miliaresi

Viviana has been running Creative Writing & Illustration workshops across London and Greece since 2013, for kids aged 5-12. She has spent summers 2013-2015 in Santorini (Greece) setting up creative writing workshops for children and organising the yearly Arts & Literature Festival of Atlantis Books in collaboration with the local primary schools and literacy teams. She is a published short story writer and has been trained as a writing mentor at the Ministry of Stories, Nick Hornby's Creative Writing Hub in East London and is Autism and Dyslexia trained. She has an MA in Digital Media & Writing from Goldsmiths, University of London. 

Jenni Hodgson

Jenni runs the Honeywell Junior Creative Writing After-School Clubs on Mondays and Wednesdays. She has worked in various schools across the UK, supporting children with Autism and Special Education needs. She has worked with children ranging from the ages of three to nineteen. Jenni has a passion for language and writing, believing in the power of words. She writes short stories and spoken poetry, specialises in metaphorical descriptions to bring writing to life. A spoken words performer and a hippie-at-heart Jenni loves pineapples, rock climbing and all things glitter!